Mattress FAQs

  • Q: How can a consumer compare mattresses at two stores that sell the same brand?
    A: Mattresses at different stores will have different labels and covers, even if they are identical internally. If you can get the name, comfort level, and specs on the card attached to the bed, we can quote you on the same product that we carry. 
  • Q: I want a queen or king set, but I have a tight stairway. What are my options? 
    A: For a queen set, we can supply split box springs for an extra cost. Most queen mattresses will fit up stairs. A king set automatically comes with 2 split box springs. King mattresses do not bend in half, therefore you may have to use one of many alternative (foam) sleep surfaces that have rapidly become a large part of the mattress industry. 
  • Q: I know I need a new mattress, but my box spring looks good. Why do I have to buy a new box spring? 
    A: You should always buy a matched set because an old box spring will reduce the life of a new mattress by 50%. In addition to reducing the comfort of the mattress, the manufacturer’s warranty is negated by failing to purchase the matching box spring.
    How to Choose a Box Spring
  • Q: Mattresses are so thick. Where can I get sheets that fit?
    A: deep pocketed sheets and mattress pads are available at retail stores and online everywhere. We also provide these products at competitive prices. 
  • Q. A thick mattress will make my bed too high? Help, please! 
    A: we offer box springs that are either 9” high profile or 5” low profile at no extra charge. For an additional charge we can also offer a low profile bed frame that will reduce the height by another 4”. 
  • Q: How do I protect my new mattress from dust mites or moisture? 
    A: the use of a hypoallergenic and waterproof mattress pad will solve the problem. 
  • Q: Why is there a body impression on my 3 month old mattress?
    A: This is normal. Like a new pair of shoes, your body is producing a customized fit. If you do not have a body impression, please inform your retail outlet.
  • Q: Should I give my old bedding to my child or put it in my rental property? 
    A: if the mattress is not supportive for you, it certainly will not be in your child’s best interest to put the old bed in their room. Putting an old bed in rental property on the vineyard is a sure way to lose repeat business. 
  • Q: Should I buy a hard or soft mattress?
    A: When buying a bed, the most important aspect to consider is comfort. Hard, soft, or pillow top is personal preference, similar to a prime rib ... Rare, medium, well done, etc. 
  • Q: How much should I spend for a bed?
    A: Like anything else, you get what you pay for. We tell our customers to buy the best bed they can afford. Also, buy from someone you trust. 
  • Q: How often should I replace my bed?
    A: A sleep set’s lifespan is 7-10 years. You will get 5-6 years optimum support from a new bed. Consumers should take advantage of updated technological advances and comfort characteristics. An old sleep set will continue to give uncomfortable sleep until a decision is made to replace that set. 

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