East Chop Sleep Shop offers fast, efficient, and courteous mattress delivery service on Martha's Vineyard. In order to serve you properly, prepare for your delivery by following these simple requests:

• Provide 2 phone numbers where we can reach you on the day of your delivery.
• Have COD ready at time of delivery, if applicable.
• Be sure an adult over 18 years old is present to offer instructions.
• Clear an open walkway from entrance to bedroom, clearing pictures, glass, art, etc.
• If there is a chance that your delivery could cause risk to property or merchandise, you may be asked to sign a release of liability.
• Remove bed linens on existing beds.
• Do any cleaning or vacuuming before we arrive.
• Secure your pets and keep children away from work areas, including our truck.
• Clear driveway and walkways of snow during winter.

    A delivery charge of $75 applies to all island deliveries.
    A delivery charge of $110 applies to all Chappy deliveries.
    Delivery includes set-up of your new Gold Bond or King Koil sleep set.
    Delivery of your new sleep set(s) into your home and set up in your bedroom(s). 
    Packing materials will be removed. 
    Removal of your existing sleep set if applicable. (see Removal Policy below)
    We will set up your new Gold Bond or King Koil sleep set to Chappaquiddick for a flat $110 fee.
    Moving furniture, hoisting over balconies, removing doors and windows, climbing ladders, or standing on roofs due to insurance restrictions and OSHA regulations. 
    Disassembling existing bunk beds, waterbeds, platform beds, air beds or futon frames. 
    Assembling any bunk bed, platform bed or futon purchased from another source.
    There is a $55.00 environmental fee* for each piece of old bedding removed from your home. We remove piece for piece only bedding being replaced. 
    Grossly soiled bedding will not be handled or placed on our truck due to health concerns.
    Bed frames and old open springs cannot be placed on our truck due to injury risk to workers and damage to new merchandise on truck. We will put these items in your garage or basement upon request.
    Sleep sofas are not part of our removal policy.
    Old bedding is trucked to Willimantic Waste (CT) where metal, wood, and fibers are separated and recycled.
    Our pricing structure is designed to be competitive with off island stores selling comparable products and services. 
    We can only perform duties that relate to the delivery of your new bed(s) purchased from East Chop Sleep Shop. 
    We are insured only for the products that you have purchased from East Chop Sleep Shop. 
    Our delivery staff is usually on a tight schedule, which precludes our working on non-East Chop Sleep Shop work in your home.
    No one is home to receive the delivery within the scheduled time window on delivery day. 
    A customer wants to exchange a box spring due to height. When this occurs, there is a $50 re-delivery charge. 
    A customer orders an incorrect size or comfort level, or forgets to order a frame or box spring. 
    Split box springs are needed to go up tight stairs. When this occurs, there is a $100 up charge plus re-delivery charge of $50.
    We will be happy to special order for you. 
    Special orders must be paid in full at time of order. 
    Special orders are non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-returnable. 
    Special sized innerspring bedding takes from 2 to 4 weeks. 
    We do not guarantee that a special size mattress fits unless East Chop Sleep Shop has done the measurement. 
    There is a $25 charge for a home visit which is credited to any purchase made within 30 days. 
    Special orders do not have a comfort warranty.

    Body Impressions 

    Please read your warranty card attached to your new bed in order that you may properly care for your new purchase. 
    Advanced technology utilizing contemporary comfort layers will make your mattress thicker than existing bedding. These layers are designed to conform to your body just like breaking in a new pair of shoes. 
    Body impressions up to 1½ inches are acceptable and are not considered a defect as defined in manufacturer's warranty. 
    Please allow 30 days for you body to get used to your new mattress. 

    Warranty Service

    When requesting a warranty inspection, the manufacturer asks the consumer to fill out a pre-inspection report. 
    Matching box spring must be utilized for warranty to be valid. 
    Queen and king set must utilize a frame with a center leg touching the floor for warranty to be valid. 
    Law tag on mattress and box spring must NOT be removed. The manufacturer will not service a bed without the law tag. 
    Merchandise must be clean, free of tears, burns, odors, pet hair and stains of any kind for warranty to be valid. 
    You must supply your original invoice for warranty service. 
    Warranties apply only to the original purchaser. 
    Transportation and delivery costs are the responsibility of the consumer as outlined in the manufacturer's warranty.

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